Empowerment of Women through the Use of ICT in Bangladesh - Dnet

Empowerment of Women through the Use of ICT in Bangladesh

Donor/ Partners: World Forge Foundation (WFF), Spain.


The project was implemented to contribute to empowering women in Bangladesh through the appropriate use of ICT.

Background: According to the 2017 government portal data, women make up 81.3 million of Bangladesh's 162.7 million population. Despite the fact that women constitute over half of the country's population, they face prejudice and disadvantage. Due to the backdated mindset, lack of knowledge about human rights and lack of education, women in rural regions suffer the most.

To assure our country's growth and development, we must offer more possibilities for women to engage equally in a fair atmosphere.


Using Information and Communication Technology (ICT), we can provide numerous opportunities to underprivileged women and empower them. By having access to information women would be able to make informed decisions about their lives. This will not only enrich their minds, but also help them to build their capacity to utilize their own potential. As a result, women will be able to alleviate poverty, and discrimination against themselves through the help of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Dnet, in this project, worked in collaboration with the World Forge Foundation (WFF), Spain. This project consisted of three core dimensions:

  • Improving the academic performance of female students through interactive education; 
  • Creating income generation opportunities for women through promoting professional skills development through multimedia materials; and 
  • Improving the competence level of women for better performance in the employment market.