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360 Degree E-Learning Solution

360 Degree E-Learning Solution

Transform Education with custom Learning Experiences

Dnet provides educational innovators with a full-cycle eLearning software development strategy that incorporates advanced technologies, lean design, and a focus on learners. With over 20 years of eLearning experience, Dnet has grown into a technology enabler and partner in change for eLearning providers seeking an edge in digital learning environments with custom eLearning development services. We specialize in c


Customize your clients' learning experiences and develop eLearning software of any complexity with all of the essential features to beat your competitors. You can provide immersive usability of your e-learning space using our proven development approach.

Learning Management System Development

We develop Learning Management Systems from scratch, use an out-of-the-box solution and customize it, or update and enhance your existing LMS. Within our customized, dependable, and user-friendly LMS platform, we create custom learning paths. Our platform is structured into chapters and sequences that contain tests, games, quizzes, puzzles, and other activities.

Dynamic & Multilingual Content Supported

With our custom learning management solutions, our experts eventually create customized learning content in a breeze. Our modules enable you to build responsive and adaptable text, graphic, audio, visual, and animated content for any device. With the stroke of a button, interactive and feature-rich courses become simple to create and manage. We also program multilingual support.

eLearning App Development

Allow your users to learn whenever and wherever they wish. Many people find educational mobile apps appealing, from college students to corporate workers and anyone who can learn while on the go. Users will have the most convenient access to your education software with our e-learning mobile and web development services. Users have quick access to the educational materials they personally need.

eLearning Gamification

We believe that learning should be fun and motivating. We aim to create immersive game-based learning experiences to engage the learners and enhance their performance and productivity. We integrate gamified components with instructional design to provide learning in a real-world context so that learners can practice in a safe environment. We include some gamified elements like time constraints, points, progress bars, badges and leaderboards to motivate and engage the learners.

Social Media Integration

Using e-learning as a method of training is generally a very isolated journey for users. The goal of social learning is to encourage communication among learners so that they can benefit from a shared experience. Using elements such as comments, instant messaging, video chats, forum discussions, and other aspects of social media, learners are able to collaborate more effectively. Learners can benefit from sharing their journey with their peers and create a more engaging experience overall.

Analytics and reporting

Teachers can use analytics dashboards and a notification system to track students' or the entire class' progress in real-time and develop effective online communication. This system can track not just progress, but also learning history, learner feedback, content utilization, user activity, and performance assessment dashboards, as well as user regulatory compliance reporting.

Our Work Process

Research & Analysis
  • Understand the Objectives and Analysis
  • Comprehend client’s requirement
  • Content and Strategy
  • Blueprint structure/design development
  • Wire framing
Deployment & maintenance
  • Get approval for Deployment
  • Deploy (Website Launch)
  • Deploy to client’s server
  • Continuous support and evolution
Development and Testing
  • Portal architecture design
  • UX and UI design and branding
  • End-to-end web and mobile development
  • Integration with enterprise systems or third-party tools
  • Quality assurance

Our Clients

We believe in innovation and strive to deliver the highest quality product to our clients on time and at a reasonable price.
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