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Customized SMS, IVR & OBD Solution


Voice & SMS are the most preferred medium of communication all over the world. It is considered to be the most reliable and quickest form of communication for reaching out to a mass audience in the shortest possible time. With the language customization as per the geography, voice gives edge to the brand in customizing communication with the localized preference. We bring to you our SMS, IVR and solution which instantly connects you to the customers who do not have int

Features & Services

We meticulously curate everything to meet your business needs and never leave a flaw. You can have top-level control over your organization and have Lead Management competence with the help of our IVR and voice SMS service.

Dynamic Personalized SMS App

Our Dynamic personalized SMS App is a hassle-free bulk SMS management app designed to dynamically generate and send out personalized SMS messages using an interface as simple as a Google sheet. You can connect the app to your CRM and use data you already have with the customized SMS capability. These auto-generated SMS messages can be sent out easily from anywhere using the familiar interface.

Personalized IVR Voice Prompts

Having a unified voice across your entire IVR system is essential to your brand. Our team of seasoned voice-over artists, engineers and production staff deliver professional, clear & natural sounding voice prompts & greetings for IVR, Contact Center and other automated telephony applications. Our recordings adhere to the highest quality standards for superior audio playback on any phone system.

In-house Studio Facility for Multimedia Content Creation

Our Recording Studio is your one-stop spot for all of your professional recording needs. We offer an individual working environment that allows artists and bands to focus on their creative and artistic processes. Our recording and monitoring rooms are designed to achieve the most precise possible acoustic properties and wound possible. The Studio features an impressive collection of High-End Equipment.

In-house Digital Content Specialist: Text & Audio Content

We have many professional digital content specialists and voiceover artists who have recorded thousands of voice-prompt recordings. We are confident that we have the voice you’re looking for. Our professionalism and quick turnaround time make us a choice for many businesses seeking digital content. We can deliver your required digital content, including voice and text, in any format, you require, including .wav, mp3, or any other audio format.

Remote Learning Without Internet: SMS & IVR Based Training

We developed and assessed a prototype mLearning system that used interactive voice response (IVR) and text messaging on simple mobile phones to provide in-service training without internet facilities. These types of applications can provide and expand distance education opportunities in the rural areas where people have less access to computers than their urban counterparts or may have less connectivity to the Internet yet have mobile phone connectivity.

Automated Outbound Multi Survey with & Dynamic logic

Our Automated Outbound Survey with multi-question & dynamic logic can be personalized & customized for any of your needs. With outbound dialing, you can use a list of contacts to send your survey to. Or, have your respondents call in to take a survey. Integrate with your CRM, use your own phone service, analyze results, and see statistics of your respondent's replies and the levels they reach during your survey campaign.

Real-Time Reports for SMS, IVR & OBD with High Accuracy & Detail

Our user-friendly online interface lets you to view your real-time report for each voice/SMS campaign, including the time it was sent, the time it was delivered, and the message status, among other things. Real-time statistics, including delivery reports, are at your fingertips, so you know exactly what your consumers have gotten. Monitor and improve key areas of concern, as well as make sure your cloud-based system is functioning properly.

Our Process

We start with an in-depth analysis of your requirements and design custom Business logic along with a Content model. We continue our relationship with Development & post-launch updates and support. The stages and process for custom SMS, IVR & OBD Solutions:

Analysis & Design
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Solution & Business Logic Design
  • Content Delivery Model Design
  • Wireframing, UI/UX Designing, & Prototyping
Development & Testing
  • Functional Implementation
  • Software Coding & Optimization
  • Quality Assurance
  • Content Development & Integration
  • Testing & Troubleshooting
Operation & Maintenance
  • Delivering Content
  • Monitoring, Feedback, Analysis
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Complete Support

Our Clients

We believe in innovation and strive to deliver the highest quality product to our clients on time and at a reasonable price.
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