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LifeChord, is a social enterprise that is carrying on the tradition of Aponjon by bringing new ideas to the health and wellness field and empowering citizens with healthcare through behavior change communication and services beyond the boundaries of hospitals. LifeChord aims to reach 10 million clients with smart digital health solutions for maternal and child health care, non-communicable disease management, and automated predictive personalized health care by 2021, thanks to ICT-based innovation and the experience of Aponjon, the largest mHealth service.

In alignment with MDG4 and MDG5, we started to focus on strengthening marginalized people’s MNCH-related knowledge and behavior in order to significantly prevent maternal, neonatal, and child death rates in Bangladesh. We started with sending BCC messages over mobile phone channels, then extended to include interactive tools such as a call center, a doctor’s line, a web-based service, and a mobile app. Later, we embraced SDG 3 and expanded our service to the adolescent population. Our continuous effort and interest in developing a 360-degree healthcare system has caused us to rethink the target group, from marginalized to everyone in the economic status quo; women to men, adolescent boys and girls, parents, and the elderly; from mobile-based service to doorstep health solutions, and more interactive and customizable health solution design for the customer.

We dedicated to work for:

  1. Expecting women
    2. Mother of baby up to 5 years old
    3. Other family members
    4. Adolescent girls, boys & their parents
    5. Urban people of all age
    6. Elderly persons

Until now, LifeChord’s mobile messaging service and application have touched about 2.1 million clients across the country and abroad. With the aid of 60+ partners around the country, it has reached all 64 districts of Bangladesh.


Being a socially responsible organization LifeChord not only serves clients to generate revenue, but it also considers the influence of the health ecosystem’s core goal. In the health sector, working for social causes and responding to social challenges.

LifeChord’s Aponjon service has had a significant influence on subscribers, assisting them in improving their behavior and health habits. All of the following surveys have had an impact on the beneficiaries’ behavior and practice, as well as the enhancement of service quality and coverage. Aponjon has a tremendous impact on maternal and infant health knowledge and behaviors. It shows that listening to at least three messages each month for a period of six months has a considerable impact on subscribers’ behavior and practices.