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In our country, we have got much incredible personnel from diverse sectors, events, and movements. For example, we can highlight- Anti-British Movement, Language Movement, Liberation War, Education, Literature, Mass Media, Science & Technology, Human Rights, Women’s Rights Movement, Music, Painting, Philosophy, Sports, and Indigenous Rights Movement, etc. With their innovative thinking and intelligence, they have worked and continue to work for the establishment of peace, humanity, and social justice. Their writings, terminology, scientific discoveries, works of art, and other accomplishments never stop inspiring us.
“Gunijan” is the largest electronic journal in Bangladesh where a group of researchers, most of whom are journalists and development workers, are working tirelessly with those talented people. They gather varied information from the geniuses and are contributing significantly to the Gunijan online journals’ enrichment. It is an initiative to educate the next generation about our country’s best individuals. Gunijan began its adventure in 2003 and has already established itself as a trust.
Currently, Gunijan is working with 1023 talented individuals including Sufia Kamal, Abdul Jabbar, Humayun Ahmed, Kumudini Hajong, Mohammad Jafar Iqbal, Harun or Rashid, Zahur Hossain Chowdhury, and others. It is an excellent program that helps our young generation to know about the story of the geniuses including their contributions, ways of thinking, activities toward the society, and many more. Knowing about such notable people would inspire, encourage, and inspire them to be inventive in completing their obligations to the country.
The main objective is to make it easier for the next generation to find their source of inspiration through all publications, including web journals. So that they may be more motivated, quality, and innovative in carrying out their obligations to the country. In different eras, the geniuses have been acknowledged for their achievements in numerous sectors, and many of their biographies have already been written by various publishing firms. However, the majority of these awards and publications are temporary. This is because most publications are lost or impossible to find after they have been distributed. In such a situation, the web archive serves as a permanent medium from which anybody may obtain information at any time.
It is considered a source of information for journalists. This online archive is especially useful for those who have to write reports or articles about famous or famous people at different times. They can use that site to supplement their writing with additional material.