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Dnet conducted extensive study on social media-based women businesses

January 11, 2022

In the twenty-first century, women are becoming more entrepreneurial even in our country. According to research, online-based women’s entrepreneurship is on the increase in Bangladesh. Some of them may have begun it as a pastime, while others may be doing it as a profession. And it is really appreciable. But the question arises-are they operating their business effectively or have any obstacles they must overcome?

In general, the answer is “Yes”. Also, the challenges are immense when we think about it in terms of our country. Because in our country or even in some other country women are unable to undertake whatever job they choose. In every sector, they are susceptible. Therefore, it’s not just a problem for rural women; it’s also a problem for city women. In addition, cybercrime is prevalent in our country. As a result, the online business world is likely to be unwelcoming to female entrepreneurs, particularly for those social media-based women entrepreneurs (SMBWE). Focused on these issues, The Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) partnered with Dnet to conduct user research and concept testing.

The research mainly focused on the overall situation, challenges, and support requirements of social media-based women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. The main goal of UN ESCAP is to design a solution that will help the foundation create a database of women entrepreneurs and offer value-added services. According to the study, 69 percent of women have contributed to family income through f commerce, just a quarter of social media women entrepreneurs own assets, and the majority of social media women entrepreneurs are located in urban areas. Besides ESCAP aimed at addressing three key overarching barriers faced by women entrepreneurs:

First, enabling policy environment and regulatory challenges. Second, access to finance which is important. For women entrepreneurs to continue their businesses at full capacity and recoup their successes, they need easy access to capital. Third, use of information and communication technologies (ICT) by women entrepreneurs. In this digital age which is a fundamental tool for women. Stakeholders, active and inactive social media-based women entrepreneurs, and offline women entrepreneurs were among the participants in this study.

While the study is still underway, it is expected that the findings will be used to uncover some real stories and creative solutions. And that will that will make the path for the next female entrepreneur easier who wants to start an internet business or who have already started but quit in the middle of their success.