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Pushti Ambassador Partnership

Commissioned By: BoP Innovation Center, Project Duration: July, 2019 - June, 2023


In alignment with numerous UN Sustainable Development Goals, the project aims to empower women in remote rural areas with new skills, training, and a sustainable source of income. We also aspire to enable underprivileged Bangladeshi families to afford nutritious food intake on a regular basis through this project.


The project - “Pushti Ambassador Partnership” started with the vision of creating employment opportunities mainly focusing on the “Women Entrepreneurship”. The project effectively began its journey on November 19th, 2018 and it will continue till June 30th, 2023, targeting the deployment of 600 trained Pushti Ambassadors (PA). The goal of the project is to develop opportunities for women empowerment and nutritional demand in order to improve the living standard of underprivileged communities in rural areas. The objective is to improve nutritional knowledge of rural people and promote healthy nutritional habits and practices.


The project, Pusti Ambassador Partnership, has two aspects to it. This project will provide employment opportunities for the younger generation as well as the opportunity to earn while sitting at home. Alongside, the services provided by the women entrepreneurs will allow the community to access knowledge about nutrition, which will in turn fulfill the nutritional demands. The project started in collaboration with BoPinc, Dnet, iSocial, BRAC, and Arla. The partnership is formed to implement the project activities effectively in order to achieve the project’s goals.

In order to achieve the goal of Pusti Ambassador Partnership, we have developed strategies mentioned below:

  • Selection and Training: Dnet & iSocial will provide 80 training sessions on health and nutrition to the female trainees. After completing the training successfully, the trainees will become eligible for being Pushti Ambassador.
  • Creating an Efficient Supply Chain: iSocial will establish hubs and centers to support the physical distribution of products with support from Arla's distribution expertise;
  • Products and Behavioral Change: Arla will support and supply the distribution hubs with Dano Daily Pushti (“DDP” – Arla's affordable and nutritious milk powder for low-income consumers) products and advocate for better nutrition in their campaigns. And BoPInc, in collaboration with Partners, will design behavioral change campaigns that will be executed within the networks of the recruited women entrepreneurs;
  • Basket Innovation: BoPInc will facilitate the analysis of the basket (the portfolio of products the micro-entrepreneurs sell) and recommend adjustments, Arla will introduce additional products in the basket.