CPTU - Dnet


Donor/ Partners: World Bank and Central Procurement Technical Unit, Overall Term: April 2019 – June 2022


Building citizen portal and integrating it with present CPTU website, and upgrading of CPTU Mobile App to promote transparency, accountability, and efficiency in the implementation of public procurement.


Bangladesh has developed a strong foundation for the public procurement system that includes the establishment of a well-functioning agency, the Central Procurement Technical Unit (CPTU), under IMED, Ministry of Planning. Since July 1, 2017, the Central Procurement Technical Unit (CPTU) has been implementing a project, titled "Digitizing Implementation Monitoring and Public Procurement," to improve overall public procurement management in the country. Under Component 3 of the DIMAPPP, a citizen portal is developed for greater transparency and disclosure of public procurement information (Cptu.gov.bd, 2020). Dnet is providing the consulting services for "Developing Citizen Portal and Integrating with the Present CPTU Website, Up-gradation of the CPTU Mobile App, and Social Media Engagement including Maintenance."


We have developed three distinct technology components as part of the technology stack: a website that serves as a citizen portal, an updated version of the existing CPTU Android app, and a new iOS app. The Citizen Portal has been developed for greater transparency and disclosure of public procurement information (Cptu.gov.bd, 2020). The URL of the CPTU citizen portal is citizen.cptu.gov.bd. We maintain the technical and operational aspects of the CPTU website. In addition, we continuously generate content for featuring on social media to enhance the engagement of the target audience on the CPTU website. The key impact of the project is to reach out to the common citizens of Bangladesh, focusing on an online Citizen Portal and CPTU Mobile App (Android & iOS) for the public to access various data/information originating from different steps/sources in the public procurement process to promote transparency and accountability. On the other hand, utilizing promotional activities on social media, the CPTU activities, Citizen Portal, and CPTU Mobile App have been reached millions of people all over the country