Visiting Research Scholar - Dnet

Visiting Research Scholar is 3 months to 1-year-long program. It is a full-time position for Ph.D. candidates studying abroad and Faculty members who are teaching in foreign Universities. The Visiting Scholar shall not undertake any other remunerative activity while working at Dnet. The Visiting Scholar will work at Dnet under sabbatical leave, fellowship, grant, etc. provisions provided by her/his institution and related bodies. In special cases, Dnet may draw up a specific contract with the Visiting Fellow with a view to carrying out a particular assignment. The visiting fellows will be provided with:

  • Workspace with computer facilities and other basic logistics.
  • Necessary research support as agreed under her/his activity plan.
  • A focal point who will liaise with the Visiting Fellow and will help her/him in implementing the agreed work plan.



  • Undertake research focusing on Dnet’s five thematic areas.
  • Provide inputs to other ongoing research works at Dnet.
  • Prepare concept notes and research proposals for potential collaborative program/s.
  • Peer review research outputs of Dnet researchers and its associates.
  • Mentor and provide capacity-building support to young researchers at Dnet.
  • Make presentations of his/her work at Dnet organized seminars.
  • Represent Dnet at various seminars/meetings, as advised by the Dnet management.
  • Any other activities as agreed between Dnet and the Visiting Research Scholar.


Documents required to apply: An updated CV


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