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SEBA, a woman-led, non-profit, non-political, and non-governmental organization, is dedicated to the values of education, equity, unity, peace, saving, and honesty. Our values are reflected in the motto, "Do serve free mind, give peace all."

SEBA, a light of hope located in Mirashi Village, Chunarughat Thana, Habigonj District. SEBA was founded on September 15, 1985, by a group of dedicated social workers led by Dr. Muhammad Abdul Musabbir.

Past and Present Projects

Commencing a journey of transformation, SEBA carefully chose a portfolio of projects, both present and previous, that have a significant impact and are aimed at fostering sustainable community development. Throughout its history, SEBA has partnered with reputable organizations like PROSHIKA, CARE Bangladesh, and FIVDB to carry out a variety of initiatives that include relief work, election observation, functional education, and the transfer of agricultural technologies.

Promoting Science Education in Secondary School’s

Donor: Bangladesh Freedom Foundation-BFF

Duration: 01.10.2018-31.12.2024

Community Health Service

Donor: Summit Bibiyana Power Company Limited

Duration: 14.09.2014-13.09.2032

IGA Support

Donor: Bangladesh NGO Foundation- BNF

Duration: 01.04.2008-01.03.2025

Scholarship for higher Education Student

Donor: Shirin Memorial Education-SME Trust & Trafder Memorial Trust

Duration: 01.10.2023-Continue

UFC Development Program

UFC Canada Bangladesh



Election Monitoring



CARE Bangladesh

Contract Details

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SEBA Building, Vill.+ P.O.- Mirashi- 3320,
Upazila: Chunarughat,
Dist.- Habigonj. Bangladesh.