Research Fellowship Program - Dnet

Job Responsibilities

Sr. Research/Research Fellowship is 6 months to 1-year-long program. Research Fellows will be carrying out social science research. Dnet will make a specific contract with the Research Fellow to conduct the studies. The Sr. Research/Research Fellow will be provided with:

  • Workspace with computer facilities and other basic logistics.
  • Necessary research support as agreed under her/his activity plan.
  • A focal point who will liaise with the Senior Research Fellow and will help her/him in implementing the agreed work plan.



  • Undertake research focusing on Dnet’s five thematic areas.
  • Provide inputs to other ongoing research works at Dnet.
  • Prepare concept notes and research proposals for potential collaborative program/s.
  • Peer review research outputs of Dnet researchers and its associates.
  • Mentor and provide capacity-building support to young researchers at Dnet.
  • Make presentations of his/her work at Dnet organized seminars.
  • Represent Dnet at various seminars/meetings, as advised by the Dnet management.
  • Any other activities as agreed between Dnet and the Senior Research Fellow.


Sr. Research/Research Fellows are appointed by an invitation process based on their Research and academic achievements.