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Dnet teaches girls English on digital devices

May 3, 2023

Non-government agency Dnet (Development Research Network) and the British Council are working together to improve digital device skills and teach professional English to teenagers.

This privately run institution is continuing this work by forming 50 lubs in 3 districts – Manikganj, Chattogram and Lalmonirhat – with girls aged 13 to 19 years under this project named ‘English and Digital for Girl Education’ (EDGE) in some selected schools.

Started from October 2021, the project will work till December 2023.

Besides, 100 club leader groups have been formed to teach women students. The clubs have a total of 1100 members.

“Here we can learn new English words with fun, and read with fun. On the one hand, as I am able to practice English, our knowledge base is also increasing,” Tanima Mehnaz Tanisha, a member of Khalilur Rahman Club 2 of Patia Upazila of Chittagong, was talking about the learning experience. She is a 9th-class student of Khalilur Rahman High School

Umme Sufia Shirin, a seventh-grade student of the same institution, says, “It is important to learn English to learn how to use modern devices like desktops, laptops, and mobile phones.”

Besides, she continued, English education is necessary to go to other countries of the world and exchange ideas with the people of those countries.

According to Dnet sources, one laptop and modem have been provided to each club. In these clubs, elected team leaders play the role of teachers. The team leaders were trained here by British Council EDGE Project Trainers. Team leaders teach their classmates.

In this project, social awareness, problems and their solutions are taught to teenagers in which citizenship, communication, cooperation, creativity, critical thinking etc.

Sahelee Jamila Naz, EDGE Program Manager- British Council, said, “Today’s teenagers will hold responsible positions in our society tomorrow. We believe that students will have the opportunity to apply leadership skills in their personal and professional lives under the EDGE programme of this project.”

He further said, “EDGE project is helping the youth of this generation to prepare.”

Project director ATM Kamrujjaman said that in this era of information technology, skills in using digital devices are essential, so is learning English. Today’s world is called ‘Global Village’. In order to be a part of this ‘global village’, students of Bangladesh need to know both English language and digital device skills.’

He also said that the socio-economic context of Bangladesh is still not favorable for women.

“I hope this programme will play a big role in preventing child marriage through education of underprivileged girls and making them self-reliant and self-confident by acquiring IT skills,” he added

Dnet Executive Director M Shahadat Hossain, said, “Internet browsing, MS Office, safe internet use, awareness of rumors spread through social media, digital security etc are being taught in this information technology education.

Currently, classes in 30 subjects of the foundation phase of the club’s 18-month curriculum are being held in the clubs. Each club member is given a club workbook based on the topics, along with a separate PGL handbook for team leaders on how to take the class and what the team leader’s role will be from the project. Classes are held two days a week in each club and each class lasts for 2 hours, whose attendance is also taken digitally through an excel sheet linked to each laptop. M. Shahadat Hossain also said that the peer leader takes attendance at the end of the class.

Dnet (Development Research Network) is a non-profit organization, which envisages the use of information and communication technology (ICT) for the economic development of Bangladesh. Dnet’s mission is to undertake research and various programs in the areas, where information and knowledge can contribute to poverty alleviation, economic growth and peace.


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