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Data Analytics Dashboarding & DSS

Data Analytics Dashboarding & Decision Support System

As Businesses are nowadays migrating to the cloud, they’re intended to access and use their data in new ways, and at new speeds. Dnet provides a comprehensive set of data analytics and insight-related dashboarding services to businesses pursuing to maximize the value of their data. Due to the advancement of data analytics, organizations are able to store, analyze and transform data that enables them to get a competitive edge and provides insights into the decision-making

Features & Services

We analyze data and generate valuable insights from data using advanced analytics techniques and our expertise in cutting-edge technology.

GIS Analytics

GIS and data analytics are now widely used risk mitigation tools in a variety of industries, where they can be used to perform ongoing risk assessments using continuously updated data that would otherwise be locked in several different sources. Our GIS and data analytics experts, as well as demographers, work with you to help you make informed decisions using data-driven and business-focused solutions.

Multi-Dimensional Data Analytics with AI & ML Capabilities

To analyze multi-dimensional problem sets, we use a variety of AI/ML algorithms and platforms. For sampling, meta-model creation, and interactive data exploration, we use our techniques. Any black-box system or simulation may now be investigated and understood using our adaptive design and learning techniques.

Data-Driven Decision (DDD)

Data-driven decision-making has become a lot more vital aspect of all kinds of companies as business technology has advanced exponentially in recent years. Dnet's decision support software can now help to determine how a specific product might perform in a market, or where to invest business assets. As a result, demand for data-driven decision-making solutions has increased rapidly.

Analytical Dashboard

Analytical dashboards give in-depth insights into your business, marketing budget, product features, and customer attrition, allowing you to make more sophisticated decisions about your company. The insights gained from an analytical dashboard act as a strategic dashboard to develop target goals and strategies. The learning curve and time to insight allow business owners to act on insights faster.

Google Data Studio, Power BI, Google Analytics Integration

Google Data Studio is a brand-new visualization tool in Google Analytics that brings data-driven decision-making to a much higher level. It includes everything you'll need to gather your data, arrange it into informative, visual reports and dashboards, and share it with colleagues and clients. Dnet provides Google Data Studio integrated solutions to help you take your company to the next level.

Network Graph

When managing a large enterprise network, having a clear overview of your entire network infrastructure and connections is critical for both troubleshooting and performance. Network graphs shows network’s physical and logical connections and allow you to have a visual representation of how your network is operating and where data is flowing.

Our Process

Data Collection & Processing
  • Data collection from sources and moved into system
  • Data pipeline preparing for using the final data
  • Maximize data quality, transform the data into information
  • Store the Data in a Database
  • Data visualization and reporting
  • Transform results into business intelligence
  • Training models on highly scaled data sets to generate more intelligent predictions
Data Modeling
  • Data analysis by an end-to-end analytics platform
  • Hardware and software optimizations for keeping data center costs down
  • Improving data response time

Our Clients

We believe in innovation and strive to deliver the highest quality product to our clients on time and at a reasonable price.
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