Making progress

and feeding growth

Various programs branching out in different domains to facilitate progress.

Programs which are a part of a bigger goal, operating continuosly to make things happen, things that we need, spread across multiple domains.

Smart Classroom Model

Smart Classroom includes a large TV screen (a projector can also be used) with sound, a computer, digital contents, Internet connection and optional solar power back-up in a secondary/high school. Trained teachers conduct their classes with the help of these equipment and appropriate contents. Subsequently, the CLP-Dnet Team engaged the ICT Ministry of Bangladesh Government under a Public-Private-Partnership (3P) agreement to develop teaching contents and build 100 SCRs across Bangladesh. Since then have established 161 SCRs across Bangladesh to date.

To know more visit : Smart Classroom Model


Repatriation Information Management System (RIMS)

Repatriation Information Management System (RIMS) is a unique intervention of the Missing Child Alert (MCA) project, aimed to expedite the process of cross-border repatriation of missing and trafficked children in the neighboring countries of Bangladesh, India and Nepal. MCA is a three country project which aims to combat trafficking and missing of children in South Asia.


RTI (Right to Information) tracking app -

Keeping the focus on ‘Information For All’ – Bangladesh Government has stepped up to provide easy access to desired information to all citizens. The initial information request process was done through paperwork, which has now been converted to digital means. The Right to Information tracking app is an online portal from where citizens can request their desired information from the respective personnel. From the very beginning Dnet was involved with drafting of RTI act. 2009. Under this initiative Dnet participated in developing an audio-visual content (training manual) on RTI Act., developed mobile phone application (App) and content on RTI and developed online based RTI tracking and notification system. Since inception a total of 3495 citizens were assisted for RTI application filing.


Mental Wellbeing

Mental health concern and well-being is just as important as physical health. Though often ignored or neglected, this can lead to drastic effect in the mental development of a child and healthy living of adults. Dnet has identified this issue and stepped up to address it. Through a proactive initiative, a helpful research is now being conducted on 0-5 year old children initially on the developmental delay and its impact and effects of mental wellbeing. Parents are a vital part of this research. A questionnaire was compiled by analyzing worldwide standard mental health questionnaires and information has been collected through acknowledged sources. For ensuring continuous normal mental growth of children this is platform which is in the making. The plan is to deploy this platform by conducting this research and then making it wider in the future.


Missing Child Alert (MCA)

‘Missing Child Alert’ (MCA) aims to respond to the grave issue of child trafficking and the  ‘missing children’ in South Asia. The project is led by Plan International and SAIEVAC (South Asia Initiative to End Violence against Children) with financial support from Post Code Loterij of the Netherlands. The pilot phase of the project has commenced in July 2012. The project is implemented in Bangladesh, India and Nepal. 

MCA is a unique intervention that encompasses the entire scope of trafficking i.e.

  • Protection and prevention of vulnerable communities at source and in transit
  • Rescue, repatriation, rehabilitation and re-integration of the victims of trafficking
  • Advocating legal and policy reform.

Dnet is the regional partner of the MCA and playing the role of System Integrator. The primary objective of Dnet is to design a technology blueprint for  the Missing Child Alert and Response system in Bangladesh and Nepal linked with India that focuses on tracing, rescue, repatriation, rehabilitation and re-integration of missing children. During the pilot phase (up to December 2015), Dnet is responsible for developing technological intervention in following three areas:

  • Project Collaboration Tool (PCT) for all  partners working under the MCA in Bangladesh, Nepal and India  in combating child trafficking.
  • Development of Integrated Uniform Case Management System (IUCMS) for rescued victims to enhance and expedite the process of repatriation from India to Bangladesh and India to Nepal.
  • Design a technology blueprint for the Missing Child Alert and Response system, outlining approaches, dependencies and road map of proposed technology solutions in the anti-trafficking domain.

Visit the MCA website for more info visit: MCA Logo


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