Fulfilling needs

with innovations

We develop solutions to many of the aspects around us which needs attention, with a touch of innovation and intelligence to make life easier.

We foster innovations to cater solutions which are effective, replicable and scalable. Our solutions designer approach is aimed at formulating solutions which has a wide impact and can improve the lives of people and develop the socio-economic stature.


Online Service Tracker (OST)
A full-fledged, flexible and customizable solution for exchange, tracking and management of information and services.

Features for service takers:
•   Hassle free application submission.
•   Easy tracking of application status.
•   SMS notification at any progress in processing of the request.
•   Multiple platforms for maximum flexibility
•   Scope for business escalation.

Features for service providers:
•   Notification for each application request when submitted.
•   Easy communication with the service recipient.
•   Swift internal information exchange.
•   Extensive log and archiving.
•   Data analytics and visualization.

A version of the solution for Information Commission Bureau is now operational under ‘Right To Information Act, 2009’.


Bridge Solutions

Telecom Platform Solution which can be used as a interface to connect to the Telecom SMS & Voice Services for the business.

'Bridge Solutions' provides a platform solution for the businesses who are willing to connect to their customers through a powerful Telecom Platform and act as an aggregator for the VAS services in the development sectors and extend the service offers to the commercial businesses as well.

Why is Bridge Solutions Unique?

  • SMS, IVR & OBD, USSD in a single Platform.
  • Pluggable/Modular Design
  • Separate Reporting & Management Portal
  • State of the art Technology
  • First Time a fully Functional OBD Platform developed in Bangladesh
  • OBD Menu Based Browsing


Bridge Solutions brings you -

SMS Service

  • Subscription based SMS Content Service
    Ex. – Aponjon, Missed Call Alert etc.
  • Bulk SMS Service
    Marketing Promotion SMS ( Darun Offer!!! )
  • Push-Pull/On Demand SMS Content Service
    Ex. - Cricket Info

Voice Service

  • Subscription based Voice Content Service
    Ex. – Aponjon IVR Service
  • Bulk OBD Broadcast Service
    Ex. – Promotional Broadcast (Ei tune ti apnar welcome tune hisabe set korte *871*1# chapun)
  • Push-Pull/On Demand Voice Content Service
    Ex. – News Update
  • IVR Menu Tree Based Service

USSD Service

  • USSD Menu Based Service

How Bridge Works

Fig: Bridge Solutions Business Model


Call Center Solutions
We provide one stop call center solutions for all kinds of businesses and organizations with a full-fledged, technologically adept, ready to deploy infrastructure.

Run by state-of-the-art solutions including CRM, CMS and other solutions that are fully customizable according to client’s need, we provide round the clock call center service with live chat, email support, medical transcription, and outbound call center services like Telemarketing, Phone survey, customer relationships management and overseas customer support.
We offer 24/7/365 hardware and technical support and a dedicated team of skilled and ready call center agents. We have a number of ongoing ventures that include ICT Division fronted National Help Desk (NHD) – 999, Aponjon Call Center and 24/7 Doctor’s Counselling Service.

To avail, drop an email at solutions@dnet.org.bd


NES (National Emergency Service) -

Inspired by the concept of ‘People’s Call Center’, promoted by Dnet back in 2004 during experimentation of ‘Pallitathya Helpline’ (URL), the ICT Division has taken the initiative to launch National Help Desk (NHD), with short code ‘999’. Dnet and MCC are jointly implementing the test phase of the initiative. One can dial 999 and take support for three areas initially – Police, Ambulance and Fire Service. The service will also be augmented through digital media and new areas will be added.


Insight Suite

INSIGHT SUITE s a pack of software solutions offering data collection for diverse purposes and visualizing them on the fly. The suite comprises of two mobile applications that connect with a Decision Support System seamlessly. INSIGHT Profiler and INSIGHT Seller, the two mobile apps, feed data into INSIGHT Explorer turning data into actionable insights through insightful visualizations. 

INSIGHT Profiler

•    Rich data types backed by global literature
•    Data customizations
•    Smart forms
•    Dynamic data sets
•    Data quality controls and governance
•    Notifications center
•    User dashboard
•    Scheduler
•    Dedicated Support
•    Data storage & management
•    SaaS or Enterprise modality


 •    Configurable sales/order/monitoring/audit forms
•    Customizable process modules
•    Scheduler
•    Portfolio dashboard
•    Notifications center
•    Data storage and management
•    Dedicated support
•    SaaS or Enterprise modality

INSIGHT Explorer

•    Powerful visualizations
•    Configurable KPI modules
•    Live integration with INSIGHT Profiler & INSIGHT Seller
•    Interactive dashboards
•    Report scheduler
•    Data exports
•    Integration with diverse data sources
•    Data storage & management
•    SaaS or Enterprise modality


Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is one of the youngest operational units of Dnet and inherits a rich and methodical culture of scientific approach towards data of all stripes since long. Dnet, as a front-running social enterprise in the sphere of ICT4D, acknowledges the roles data can play in furthering programmatic and business objectives. Formation of BI marks a long stride for Dnet as such units are rarely seen outside of local and multinational corporations. Dnet’s approach towards building in-house decision support systems for programs and enterprises have been inculcated in BI on its mission for data-smart decisions.

Internally, BI democratizes the process of knowledge discovery from data through empowering business-end users and shortening the data-to-decision cycle across some high-priority programs and enterprises in Dnet’s portfolio. To that end, BI designs and maintains data and knowledge discovery platforms and crafts interventions mainstreaming data silos into formal BI solutions. A wide range of services is offered for external clients as well.

“Our platter of products & services is very diverse, ranging from capacity building for professionals and organizations, Market Intelligence, Digital Analytics, Plug-and-play DSS to an IaaS (Information-as-a-Service) platform based on Big Data sources. We digest and deliver anything data!”




4/8 Humayun Road, Block-B, Mohammadpur, Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh

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