Setting footprint

across borders

Our efforts hav enow crossed borders as we are working to spread successful innovations and to promote young innovators across the globe.

Welcome to Dnet Global

Setting footprint across borders, Dnet Global is a brainchild of Dnet Bangladesh, registered in USA and working to spread successful innovations and to promote young innovators across the globe.
The vision of Dnet Global is to foster a better world by increasing Dnet’s visibility as a social entrepreneurship or development success story, harnessing the power of its friends and ensuring support for a growing number of Dnet organizations around the world to unleash the potential of millions of poor households to create better futures for themselves and their communities.


Although we started with idea to replicate Dnet’s proven innovations abroad, the idea has evolved; and, we think it is more meaningful to become truly a global institution rather than just an entity to support Dnet’s work”


Sahana Farid
CEO, Dnet Global

Dnet Global shares the same mission and vision as Dnet, a social enterprise incorporated in Bangladesh. Dnet pioneered creating innovative solutions for making sustained social impact. Dnet believes in “Innovations for Empowerment”. It adopts a fusion of social and technological innovations for improving the lives of marginalized people in Bangladesh and beyond.

Dnet Global plans to do this through three main program areas:
Grant-making: To support Dnet’s new and ongoing initiatives, Dnet Global will make catalytic grants to Dnet programs with the funds it raises It will support a strategic agenda based on priorities agreed upon by Dnet and the Dnet Global Board. Dnet Global’s grant-making program will facilitate Dnet’s flexibility, innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, and learning.

Diaspora and Community Engagement: To connect diaspora with their communities so they can play active roles in developing the poorest part of the world. Dnet Global plans to tell the Dnet story within the United States and beyond through social and traditional media, speaking engagements and word of mouth. We plan to engage interns, volunteers and friends of Dnet to act as ambassadors of our work, telling the story of Dnet’s success in their own communities to mobilize support.

Strategic and Program Services: To help Dnet to pilot, grow and innovate livelihood, educational and knowledge products and other programs by: enabling access to capital and other resources, providing technical assistance and program design support, setting up internal systems and processes for successful implementation and monitoring, and communicating outcomes with investors, donors and stakeholders.



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4/8 Humayun Road, Block-B, Mohammadpur, Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh

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