Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is one of the youngest operational units of Dnet and inherits a rich and methodical culture of scientific approach towards data of all stripes since long. Dnet, as a front-running social enterprise in the sphere of ICT4D, acknowledges the roles data can play in furthering programmatic and business objectives. Formation of BI marks a long stride for Dnet as such units are rarely seen outside of local and multinational corporations. Dnet’s approach towards building in-house decision support systems for programs and enterprises have been inculcated in BI on its mission for data-smart decisions.

Internally, BI democratizes the process of knowledge discovery from data through empowering business-end users and shortening the data-to-decision cycle across some high-priority programs and enterprises in Dnet’s portfolio. To that end, BI designs and maintains data and knowledge discovery platforms and crafts interventions mainstreaming data silos into formal BI solutions. A wide range of services is offered for external clients as well.


“Our platter of products & services is very diverse, ranging from capacity building for professionals and organizations, Market Intelligence, Digital Analytics, Plug-and-play DSS to an IaaS (Information-as-a-Service) platform based on Big Data sources. We digest and deliver anything data!”



Product/Service Description USP Target Customers Pricing Key Features M&S Drive
Product/Service Description USP Target Customers Pricing Key Features M&S Drive



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